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ZETA CATENE combines manufacturing expertise and a rare design ability

The constant attention to the needs of customers and the market, combined with experience and enthusiasm, handed down to a young and dynamic team, have made Zeta Catene a very important point of reference for the national and international high fashion sectors. . Strengthened by decades of activity and heir to a centuries-old production tradition that the territory has developed, Zeta Catene is able to grasp the needs of the brands, translate them into original graphic features, create customized prototypes and then limited edition or serial objects.

from a local company to a player in a new industrial model

In 2020, the Zuccherelli family decides to give life to a strong collaboration with Matteo Marzotto, heir to a centuries-old dynasty of textile and fashion entrepreneurs, as part of Ambria Holding. From 2022 with the entry into Minerva Hub, born from the merger between Ambria Holding and XPP Seven, an important group OF the sector, an entirely new prospect of growth opens up for the Arezzo-based company in which tradition and innovation come together in an ad hoc management. high competitiveness.

Zeta Catene combines the best of the Tuscan goldsmith and silversmith tradition with a global vision of Italian style at the highest levels.