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Know How
Zeta Catene has the ability to create chains dedicated to international luxury complete and ready for use

Zeta Catene has the ability to get the needs of brands, translate them into customized projects, create customized prototypes and create limited edition or mass-produced objects. For this reason, the company has created a department dedicated exclusively to product development, both from a design and prototype point of view. The same care that is taken in the design of the product finds a correspondence in its realization which is carried out with machines designed by the chain technicians within the company.

Zeta Catene, where craftsmanship and technology come together

In fifty years of activity, Roberto Zuccherelli, current CEO of Zeta Catene, has gained work experience in many fields of the sector. From welding to diamond finishing up to the knitting of chains, an area in which he specialized, so much so that he personally made the equipment for setting the machines for types of chains. His experiences, subsequently passed on to his staff, have allowed the company to transform itself from an artisan to an industrial reality. Even today in Zeta Catene tradition and innovation, craftsmanship and technology blend and complement each other.